The World Cup is one of the biggest football tournaments on the planet, adored by fans all over the world. Alongside the excitement of the matches, the heated competitions between teams, participating in betting markets at reputable bookmakers is eagerly anticipated by fans during the tournament. So, what are the most popular World Cup betting markets attracting the most participants today? Let's explore this football tips weekend with Wintips through the following article.

Overview of the World Cup Tournament
The World Cup is a major football tournament organized by FIFA every four years. The tournament has been held since 1930 and has seen 21 editions so far. In 1942 and 1946, due to the influence of World War II, the tournament was not held.
The World Cup is a thrilling competition among national teams. Initially, when the tournament was first organized, there were 8 participating teams. However, due to its attractiveness and increasing popularity, the number of participating teams has increased significantly from 8 to 16, and most recently in 2022, to 32 teams divided into 8 groups. It is projected that by 2026, there will be 48 teams competing.
This football tournament usually takes place in the summer, but it can vary depending on weather conditions and the hosting country. In 2022, the tournament was held in Qatar during the winter due to the extreme summer climate in that country. Typically, the World Cup lasts for about a month and is watched by millions of people around the world.
It can be said that this tournament gathers most of the strongest football teams in the world, concentrating many talents and having the greatest influence on the world of football. Therefore, the number of bookmakers, as well as the variety of betting markets in this tournament, is extremely diverse, providing players with new and unique betting experiences.
Some of the Most Popular World Cup Betting Markets
At the World Cup tournament, the world's top bookmakers participate with various types of developed betting markets. Each player will base their participation on their own conditions and preferences to engage in suitable betting markets. Below are the most popular World Cup betting markets with the highest number of participants:
1. Asian Handicap Betting (AH)
Asian Handicap betting is the first type of bet and has the highest number of participants in World Cup tournaments. The reason why players love this type of bet is because of its simple betting process, relatively high winning odds, and generous payouts from bookmakers.
When participating in this type of bet, you only need to predict which team is likely to win in the match and then place your bet. Players will have three options for betting: Win, Draw, or Lose. The team assessed to be stronger is called the favorite, while the weaker team is called the underdog. If you bet on the favorite team to win, you choose 1; if you bet on the underdog team to win, you choose 2, and if both teams draw, you choose X.
Bookmakers will offer different payout odds for each betting option. After the match ends, you will determine the outcome of your bet based on the final result of the match. Bookmakers will then reward players according to the payout odds previously offered.

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Asian Handicap World Cup Betting
One of the most popular and enticing World Cup bets today is the Asian Handicap bet. Unlike the European handicap, when participating in the Asian Handicap, players don't need to determine the winning or losing team of the match but only need to determine the number of goals that both teams score in the match.
To bring balance to the two competing teams, bookmakers will offer handicap odds. This means that the stronger team will give a handicap to the weaker team by a certain number of goals. The odds that bookmakers offer will be based on the performance difference between the two participating teams in the World Cup match.
Asian Handicap is the most diverse and rich bet type for players to choose from, such as: level ball handicap, 0.5 handicap, 1 handicap, 1.5 handicap... Based on each handicap odds, there will be different reward ratios. Through the experience of Asian handicap betting, players will have more opportunities to win larger rewards compared to other types of bets.
Over/Under World Cup Betting
In the list of the most popular World Cup bets today, we cannot overlook the Over/Under bet. This bet is based on the total number of goals that both teams can score in the match. Bookmakers will provide the total number of goals that can be scored by both teams, and players will make accurate predictions based on that ratio.
If you predict that the total number of goals scored by both teams is higher than the bookmaker's prediction, you choose Over; if you predict fewer goals, then choose Under, and if you bet matches the number of goals that the bookmaker predicts, it is a Draw. In recent years, Over/Under bets in the World Cup have been very popular due to the potential for large wins and suitability for many players, including newcomers.
Corner Kick World Cup Betting
Corner kick betting was one of the most popular bets in the past year. The number of people participating in this bet has increased significantly due to its dramatic and attractive nature. Corner kick betting is a type of side bet developed by many bookmakers alongside main bets such as Asian Handicap, European handicap, Over/Under...
Corner kick betting is predicted based on the 90-minute play of the two teams. This bet does not depend on the number of goals or match results but on the number of corner kicks that these two teams execute. Bookmakers will provide bets on the total number of corner kicks, the first corner kick, and the last corner kick. Corner kick betting is quite interesting, hence favored by many betting enthusiasts.
Yellow Card World Cup Betting
Although it is a side bet, in recent tournaments, yellow card betting has also become one of the most popular World Cup bets. With the desire to create a diverse betting playground, bookmakers have introduced yellow card or red card bets. Players will predict the number of cards that both teams will receive and then compare it with the number of cards that the bookmakers offer to determine the outcome.
Penalty World Cup Betting
Although Penalty betting is not as attractive to many players as other popular World Cup bets, it has gained more attention recently. The result of this betting type is based on the total number of penalties that both teams have to endure in 90 or 120 minutes of play. Betting on this type is similar to corner kick betting and yellow card betting, thus quite simple and with high win rates.

Above are some of the popular World Cup bets that you can refer to. Each type of bet has different betting methods betting tips 1x2 app with varying reward ratios, so players need to research details before participating. With the knowledge shared by Wintips, it is hoped that you will come up with the best betting options.

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