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The Nier Re [in] Carnation event is in full swing. From new characters and related outputs to new quests, there will be plenty of fun for everyone. I'm super excited about it and have enough FFXIV Gil ready for more fun. FFXIV has hosted many events over the years, and now Nier is taking part.

Several new outfits have also been added to the game, and some stylish players can prepare some FFXIV Gil to get them. It also makes them look more beautiful and full of charm. The event will run until June 13th, so there’s plenty of time to try out everything the event offers. Speaking of what the event offers, we can also take part in the event’s brand new quests.

And Hades will appear in the quests. We can also get more rewards and items, but we also need to buy some FFXIV Gil to improve our strength and make us more smooth. And we can get the cheapest FFXIV Gil at IGGM, it was delivered fast and there was no security risk yet. Go! It's sure to please players.

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