McAdoo prefers to play an open sort of West Coast shotgun passing base that requires quick thinking from the quarterback and Madden 23 coins the ability to rack up yards in the ground once flushed from the pocket. A statuesque, aged Eli Manning was the perfectly wrong quarterback for this system -- exactly in the same way a statuesque Darnold does not work.

You know who's a good fit? Baker Mayfield, and Matt Corral. Then, it's serious galaxy brain mental gymnastics to believe that Carolina was adamant about Corral as his future franchise and yet they was waiting until the 3rd round before trading to Corral. Envisioning this team is playing chess this way doesn't give the team excessive credit. That said, there is an ounce of hope that Corral could be something truly special.

NBC Sports' Chris Simms featured Chris Simms from NBC Sports' Chris Corral as the number. #1 QB for the 2022 draft, highlighting his quick release and athleticism as being uncommon traits, while also stating that he needed the time to study Madden NFL 23 offensive principles. The reason Simms' claim is appealing is that he's one of the few draft analysts determined about Josh Allen being the best QB at the time of the 2018 draft, vastly preferring him over Mayfield as well as Darnold. Sure, it's just one person's view, but if Simms and the Panthers are correct and Corral could develop into a Madden NFL 23 player, then his selection will be a coup.

With all of this in mind, the picture is beginning to come all of these factors together. Mayfield doesn't just help the Panthers win right now and is also the gilded worm inside the coal mine of McAdoo's offense. It's a low-cost litmus-test to determine whether there is a way to determine if the West Coast adjacent scheme with RPO components will fit with the current skill position roster in Carolina. If it doesn't, Baker takes the heat and can attempt again using Corral after making some adjustments. If that's the case, then there's a fairly decent successorship plan that can pivot between Mayfield to Corral and then keep everything else the same. It's impossible to do this without Sam Darnold, who really isn't a player to be reckoned with based on what the Panthers are trying to accomplish moving forward.

Make no mistake, this was not the best option going forward. The best option would have been to not choose a QB for the 2022 Madden NFL 23 Draft, continue to go through the season with a shaky attitude and then jump into the QB pool in 2023 , when up to around seven to eight QBs might be selected in the first round. The approach that was chosen wouldn't have met the goal that was set by manager Matt Rhule or owner David Tepper, which is convincing people that they can put a team that is winning onto the playing field. The desperation that is Carolina can be felt by a mile which is exactly the goal of this move.

There's an opportunity although it's only there's a glimmer of hope that cheap madden 23 coins this ambitious plan will succeed.

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